Family Law Services

A Customer-Focused Approach to Your Family Situation

At Law Kessler, we understand that family law matters are deeply personal and often charged with emotion. Our dedicated legal team provides expert guidance and compassionate support to help you navigate the complexities of divorce & separation, child custody, and property division. We pride ourselves on our customer-centered approach and take into account the diverse multicultural and multilingual needs of our clients.

Father and son

What to expect.

Here's a brief overview of what working with Law Kessler will look like:

Initial consultation to discuss your case

Case specific research and planning

Negotiation with all parties involved

Legal representation in court, if necessary

Assistance with paperwork and documentation

Here to help you.

Our practice is founded on the commitment to cater to our clients' specific needs. Trust us with your family matter.

Divorce & Separation

Our experienced legal professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of divorce and separation proceedings. We'll work closely with you to ensure that the process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, aiming to achieve an outcome that reflects your best interests.

Child Custody

When children are involved, the stakes are higher, and the need for sensitivity is paramount. Our approach is collaborative, with a focus on finding solutions that preserve family relationships and promote a stable environment for your children.

Property Division

Property division can be a highly contested area in family law. We apply our extensive legal expertise to ensure an equitable distribution of assets. We’re meticulous in uncovering all assets and liabilities to ensure a fair settlement.

Multicultural Services

Recognizing the diverse landscape of our community, our firm is proud to offer services in multiple languages to cater to a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. Our multilingual staff ensures that no language barrier stands between you and the legal support you need.

Guidance for Family Immigration

Our law firm is dedicated to guiding immigrant families through the complexities of family law and immigration processes with compassionate and tailored services. Understanding the nuances of family-based immigration, we offer an array of services designed to unite families and build a strong foundation for their future in the United States.
Immigration Services
Immigrant family moves into new home